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What is a Functional Medicine Liver Detox?

Want to feel better, have more energy, and start fresh again? A Functional Medicine Liver Detox may be right for you.

Fact: Daily life overloads the liver leading to poor health and “disease.”

Fact: Accumulation leads to “disease.”


Our planet is dirtier than it has ever been before. We are exposed to thousands of man-made chemical every day, and it is affecting our health. Our internal toxicity buckets are just too full. As toxins accumulate in our body, it can have a number of adverse affects on our health — from weight gain and fatigue to brain fog, bloating and more.

Detoxing is about supporting your body and mind to operate optimally.

One of the best and fastest ways to give your health journey a jumpstart and to start feeling better is to do a Functional Medicine Liver Detox. It will lower your overall toxic body burden, helping to restore and revitalize.

To find out your total body toxic load, take THIS QUIZ.

What is a Functional Medicine Liver Detox?

A Functional Medicine Detox is a way to help your liver clean your blood faster. This is done by supporting Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver detoxification by giving the liver EVERYTHING it needs to function properly. It’s formulated based on science around the nutrients the liver needs to function optimally.

The liver has over 500 jobs in the body including:

  • removing pathogens from the blood to help fight infections
  • removing toxic chemicals from the blood
  • storing vitamins, minerals, and sugars
  • metabolizes nutrients for energy when needed
  • bile production
  • protein and cholesterol production
  • producing the substances that regulate blood clotting

When we help the liver do its job better of cleaning the blood, we feel better.

What’s in the Functional Medicine Detox?

My preferred detox to use is the Dr. Cabral Detox. It is the easiest and most effective one out there. It is a comprehensive, full body Functional Medicine detoxification system that gently eliminates harmful toxins while rebalancing the body at an underlying root cause level.

But feel free to use whatever Functional Medicine Detox you like. Just make sure it has all the components to assisting liver detoxification (the appropriate vitamins and minerals, amino acids, herbs, etc.)

The liver detox that I use has 3 components:

1.Daily Nutritional Support:

This one-stop-shop for vitamins, minerals, protein, electrolytes, and antioxidants plus 15 grams of vegan protein, Daily Nutritional Support provides your body with much-needed energy and nutrition while your body begins to rid itself of toxins. Far more than your regular protein shake, it also includes critical compounds that begin the detoxification process. Rather than letting your body become depleted, the Dr.Cabral Detox begins refilling and restoring your vitamin and mineral levels as your body begins detoxification.

2. FM Detox:

This provides the compounds necessary to support both phases of liver detoxification. Essential amino acids, antioxidants, and botanical extracts like milk thistle help the body to capture and move toxins to the liver where they can be metabolized and removed during phase two. Ingredients like dandelion root extract support the production of bile which aids in elimination. As a diuretic, dandelion root increases water supplied to the liver which facilitates toxin elimination in the urine.

3. AYU Detox:

Incorporating ancient Ayurvedic healing traditions that support optimal detoxification, the AYU Detox helps begin the detox process. Various diuretics move water to the liver and increase the solubility of toxins. Triphala, the combination of three plants: Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia bellerica, and Terminalia chebula, have been studied for their roles in gastrointestinal health. When used in conjunction, it is suggested this powerful trio promotes the growth of beneficial gut microbes Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus, while inhibiting the growth of undesirable strains.

The Daily Nutritional Support will be consumed daily as a shake and the FM Detox and AYU Detox capsules will be taken morning and night throughout the entire detox.

How will i feel after the liver detox?

While some folks may experience a bit of low mood, low energy, headaches and nausea while the body begins to let go of toxins, the long term benefits of this liver detox are:

  • clearer thinking
  • improved digestion
  • better sleep
  • clearer skin
  • increased energy
  • weight loss

How does the detox work?

The Dr Cabral Detox is set up as a 7, 14, or 21 day liver cleanse.

People who are feeling good, have a low toxicity level, and just want to optimize wellness are good candidates for the 7 day cleanse.

People who are new to detoxing, have a high toxicity score, or have chronic health issues, get the most benefit from doing 14 or 21 days. It’s a commitment to overall wellness and can lead to feeling better than you’ve felt in a long time.

The liver detox is set up to be super easy to follow. The breakdown of the 7 day detox includes 2 days of just nutritious shakes to start the cleansing and flushing process followed by 5 days of morning shakes, a vegan lunch, and a vegan or paleo dinner.

This detox eliminates from the diet the most common food sensitivities/triggers and hard to digest foods so your digestion can get a break and the immune system can heal:

  • gluten
  • dairy
  • eggs
  • grains
  • tree nuts/peanuts
  • red meat

Don’t overthink it. Here’e the basics:

  • Eat healthy, high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory foods every 3.5 hours to balance out blood sugars and hormones and to lower inflammation in the body.
  • Take supplements morning and evening to help the liver clean the blood better and to support elimination of toxins out of the body.

Wondering what to eat during the detox?

No worries! The guess work has been taken out for you. After the first 2 days of having 4 shakes per day, basically you will be eating a super nutrient-dense shake for breakfast, lots of healthy, fresh vegetables, a healthy fat, and a clean protein for lunch and dinner. Lunch is a vegan-based protein and dinner is either a vegan protein or a meat option. That’s it.

You get a detailed shopping list of approved vegetables, proteins, and fats with your detox kit.

HOW DOES THE 21 day detox work?

The Dr Cabral Detox is a 7 day detox so you simply repeat the 7 day process 2 more times. Two days of fasting shakes plus five days of a shake for breakfast and lots of healthy, fresh vegetables, a healthy fat, and a clean protein for lunch and dinner.

WHat if I don’t want to lose anymore weight?

This detox is not just for weight loss, even though many people experience an average weight loss 5-12 pounds during the 21 day detox. If weight loss is not your goal, feel free to skip the 2 fasting shake days during the next 2 rounds. Simply eat do the shake for breakfast and healthy meals for dinner for days 3-21. Another option is only doing 1 liquid fast day on week 2 and 3 then moving back into the shake, lunch, shake, dinner eating plan.

There are specific instructions on how to incorporate more things into your diet if weight loss is not a goal.

When is the best time to do a liver detox?

My favorite times to do a full liver detox is early Spring (after a long winter of eating more heavier foods) and early Fall (after a fun summer season.)

How often should I do this detox?

As with anything in life, you get out what you put into it.

Regular liver detox really needs to be part of everyone’s health maintenance plan at this point. With 1 in 2 people predicted to get cancer by 2030, this is a very serious matter.

Doing a 21 day liver detox is a great way to jumpstart the cleansing journey. Many people find it helpful to repeat the 7 day detox 2-4 times per year. It is like changing the air filter in your car or air cleaner. Your liver filters everything in the body and needs to be cleaned regularly.

I still have questions

To learn more and to get all of your question answered, check out the FAQ PAGE about the detox.

Once you order your detox kit, you will be able to sign up for daily emails to help keep you on track and the Equi.Life support team is daily to answer question.

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